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Created on 15 October, 2022 | Link in Bio Tools - Reviews and Comparisons | 779 views | 2 minutes read

Every content creator has multiple links to share with their Instagram followers, and with a proper Instagram bio link tool, that can be done in a much more elegant way. A short and custom URL carrying all your links is all you need, and today we'll compare vs Linktree vs Mainpage to find the best tool out there, stay tuned. vs Linktree vs Mainpage - Which Social Media Bio Link Tool Is the Best One?

What's a social media profile without a link in bio that leads to all their other social links? Instagram users who take their online presence seriously absolutely need this feature in their bio, so let's check out which tool you should use to create your most important clickable link.


One bio tool everyone's buzzing lately is Mainpage. So what's so special about it? Whether you need unlimited links for your bio page or a shortened URL for your Instagram story, Mainpage is here to give you all that and much more with its great customization options.


  • SEO settings,
  • Customization,
  • Generation QR codes.


  • The free version has its limitations.


  • Free
  • Pro - $5 monthly, 
  • Premium - $12 monthly.

Mainpage Is Best for?

Whoever has an Instagram account and is present on any other social media platform could only benefit from a tool such as Mainpage. It is affordable, user-friendly, and reliable, so you can't go wrong if you opt for Mainpage.

Later's is an excellent tool for everyone who wants to create a landing page that matches the style of their Instagram feed. This is particularly handy for brand owners selling stuff through an Instagram account.


  • It can be connected to Shopify,
  • Analytics,
  • Track sales and revenue.


  • It is expensive,
  • It can only be added to a TikTok Business account.


  • Free,
  • Starter - $18 monthly,
  • Growth - $40 monthly,
  • Advanced - $80 monthly. Is Best for?

Adding a link to an Instagram post has never been as easy, and is a great tool for everyone who wants to grow their Instagram profile and boost traffic. However, due to the slightly higher prices and Shopify integration, we'd recommend it more for business owners rather than individuals.


The pioneer in this field, Linktree, has been around for years and has a great reputation as one of the essential tools for Instagram marketing. Not so long ago, every social media account that had a single link in bio was using Linktree, but times have changed, and now everyone's searching for the hottest Linktree alternative.


  • Straightforward,
  • Customizable,
  • Monitoring engagement and revenue.


  • Bad reputation with Instagram,
  • Limited content.


  • Free,
  • Starter - €4 monthly,
  • Pro - €8 monthly,
  • Premium €22 monthly.

Linktree Is Best for?

Due to the claims that Instagram marks Linktree links as spam, this might not be the best Instagram tool for marketing campaigns out there. While some believe those are just rumors, others avoid using Linktree for their single link page and opt for some of the best Linktree alternatives. 

The Final Verdict

After such comparison, things are pretty clear - the best link in bio tool is the Mainpage. From analytics to bio templates, you get everything you need, and it is so easy to use that it will only take you a few minutes to create your first link.

Updated on 15 October, 2022