Linkpop vs Linktree vs Mainpage

Created on 15 October, 2022 | Link in Bio Tools - Reviews and Comparisons | 848 views | 2 minutes read

You've probably noticed that many influencers have that one important link in the description of their social media channels that contains multiple links leading to all their other social media profiles. Whether you want to add it to your Instagram bio or TikTok bio, you want the best tool, and in this category, it all comes down to Linkpop vs Linktree vs Mainpage.

Let's Find the Best Social Media Bio Link Tool Between Linkpop vs Linktree vs Mainpage

If you want to add a links tab to your bio page and have all of your social profiles in one place, you're in the right place. Whether you're an influencer or a brand owner, being present on just one social media platform is not enough

You have to build your presence and community on all of them, which is why it is important to enable your followers to easily find all of your social platforms. Here are all the best tools that will help you have it all in one single link.


Mainpage is a very popular tool for creating bio link pages that comes with analytics so you can track how many link clicks you have and all other metrics crucial for your social media account.


  • SEO settings,
  • Password protection,
  • Customization.


  • The free version has its limitations.


  • Free
  • Pro - $5 per month, 
  • Premium - $12 per month

Mainpage Is Best for?

Being an all-in-one solution with a custom domain, Mainpage is the perfect tool for all digital creators who are looking for a sleek and easy-to-use tool for organizing all of their social links in one place. The best part? It has a free version, so you can try it and see it for yourself.


Although this used to be one of the most famous tools with millions of users, the fact that many are searching for a Linktree alternative says a lot. Let's see if Linktree can still keep up and if it is worth the hype.


  • Analytics,
  • Customization, 
  • All links are in one place.


  • Instagram marking some Linktree links as spam,
  • Limited content.


  • Free,
  • Starter - €4 per month,
  • Pro - €8 per month,
  • Premium €22 per month.

Linktree Is Best for?

Although even with the free version, you get unlimited links, to get the most out of it, you would have to invest in Linktree Pro. However, despite the whole Instagram vs Linktree drama being solved, many don't want to risk damaging their Instagram account and opt for a Linktree alternative.


Shopifys Linkpop tool is designed with eCommerce in mind, which makes it stand out and seem like the best solution for any brand or Shopify store owner who wants to thrive on any social network.


  • Shoppable link,
  • Ecommerce-friendly,
  • Analytics tool.


  • Some features require a Shopify subscription,
  • Not so versatile.


It is free.

Linkpop Is Best for?

If you're a Shopify merchant, this is a great solution for you, but influencers or big YouTube channel owners might need something more than a Linkpop page for their bio page.

The Final Verdict

All social media users need a good bio page tool, and in today's battle, the clear winner is Mainpage. Unlike Linkpop, which is more oriented to Shopify subscribers, or Linktree, which has a bit of an ugly past with Instagram, Mainpage is a tool that's suitable for everyone, and it won't let you down.

Updated on 15 October, 2022