Linktree vs Campsite vs Mainpage

Created on 15 October, 2022 | Link in Bio Tools - Reviews and Comparisons | 779 views | 2 minutes read

Have you ever paid attention to what Instagram users with huge followings have in their Instagram bio link? It is a whole new world once you open that landing page, and many are trying to come up with the best bio link tool just for that purpose. Linktree vs Campsite vs Mainpage, what do you think? Which one is the best bio tool?

Linktree vs Campsite vs Mainpage - Clash of the Bio Link Tools

Truth be told, the bio space is usually too small and limited on any social network, which is why many go for these tools to add multiple links and feature YouTube videos, affiliate links, or a blog post.


Want to step up your Instagram marketing game? Then you need a tool that will give you a custom domain, analytics, and one powerful smart link to carry everything you want to share with your followers. Luckily, Mainpage can give you just that and much more.


  • Unlimited links,
  • Customization,
  • SEO settings.


  • The free version is somewhat limited.


  • Free
  • Pro - $5 monthly, 
  • Premium - $12 monthly.

Mainpage Is Best for?

Anyone from influencers to business owners who wants a custom link for their social media account can't go wrong with Mainpage. Even the Pro Plan is quite affordable, which means that for a small monthly payment, you get many extra perks for playing with your important links.


Campsite is a great and fast link in bio builder that allows you to track link clicks and offers many premium integrations. Arrange all of your social links into a single link and keep your content fresh, thanks to Campsite's versatile link types.


  • In-depth analytics,
  • Unlimited links,
  • Customization. 


  • The free plan is quite limiting.


  • Free,
  • Pro - $7 monthly,
  • Pro+ - $24 monthly.

Campsite Is Best for?

Anyone who wants to arrange their social media links on one landing page can't go wrong with Campsite. However, we couldn't help but notice that the list of features is quite short, especially when it comes to the Free Plan, so investing a bit is recommended if you want to go with Campsite.


Linktree has been around since 2016, and back then, every social media profile, especially Instagram profile, used Linktree as their link tool. If you tap bio 9 out of 10 times, there would be a Linktree custom link. But does Linktree still have what it takes to keep up with all those tools that claim to be the best Linktree alternatives?


  • Customization,
  • Analytics,
  • It can be connected to other tools.


  • Instagram controversy,
  • Limited content.


  • Free,
  • Starter - €4 monthly,
  • Pro - €8 monthly,
  • Premium €22 monthly.

Linktree Is Best for?

Linktree is a great tool, but what throws shade are the constant rumors of Instagram marking Linktree links as spam. Instagram is THE social media platform to be on, and if you have a huge following, and make money from every Instagram post, you don't want to play with your Instagram account

What's the Best Tool to Use for Your Instagram Bio?

Our vote goes to Mainpage since it is a reliable and affordable tool with plenty of cool features that content creators will love. It's the best Linktree alternative out there, and that one final touch your social profile needs to start growing and driving traffic.

Updated on 15 October, 2022