Linktree vs Carrd - Which Link in Bio Tool is BEST for you?

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In this article, we will be comparing two of the popular bio link tools used today; Linktree and Carrd.

A bio-link page is an essential tool for any social media user and helps you stay organized while allowing your followers to connect easily with your different profiles.

In this article, we will be comparing the bio-link tools Linktree and Carrd, while offering an alternative option,

Overall Winner:

What is Linktree and Carrd?


Linktree was started by brothers Alex and Anthony Zaccaria and their business partner Nick Humphrey. They wished to create a tool, which focuses on providing one key function, to display links in your social media bio.


Carrd was a project started by a web designer named AJ, who wished to create an easy-to-use website builder where users could create simple one-page profiles and portfolios.

The MAJOR difference between these 2 Tools

Linktree offers premade templates and customization of things like buttons and fonts, but its main focus and function is to display links in your social media bio.

Carrd is a more customizable option to Linktree and allows its users to display photos, create portfolios, and have more control over the design of their one-page profile.

Now, let’s get into the details of these two tools and see what they offer and at what price point. 

The Features and Pricing Plans

What Linktree Offers

linktree pricing

Linktree offers 3 paid plans to choose from. You can opt to use the Free, Starter, Pro, or Premium plan with monthly payments.

FREE Features:

Additional PAID Features:

Carrd Plans

carrd pricing

Carrd offers 3 monthly payment plans to choose from. You can choose between the Pro Lite, Pro Standard, and Pro Plus plans 

FREE Features:

PAID Features:

The Pros and Cons of BOTH Tools







link in bio social media

Which One Should YOU Choose?

Linktree and Carrd both offer great features for creating a bio link page but that does not mean that they are without any issues

Linktree is a very simple to use and efficient tool for creating a page that contains all your links but that is ALL it’s good at. 

Linktree is also very expensive and does not offer much in terms of customization or third-party integration.

Updated on 6 October, 2022