My Urls Vs. LinkTree What's the Best Tools

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Are you considering using My Urls or Linktree? You can make an informed decision today about which tool is best for managing your social media links. Whether you're a small business owner looking to quickly grow your online presence or just trying to figure out the basics of link management, this article will provide the answers. Discover now how My Urls and Linktree compare in terms of features, usability, and pricing.


In this article, we take a look at two of the best tools for creating short biographies with links on social media: ‘My Urls’ and ‘Linktree.’ Both tools are tailored to meet the needs of individuals with unique online sharing goals and have advantages and disadvantages that will appeal to different kinds of users. We evaluate both services according to their features and look at which one would suit different types of users best.

We also analyze where each tool comes into its own, as well as their costs, and put them head-to-head in a direct comparison to assess which is better in certain circumstances. Finally, we conclude with our overall assessment so you can determine whether My Urls or Linktree is the right choice for your presenting yourself online needs.

Overview of My URLs

My URLs is a user-friendly tool that provides a suite of features to help you build and customize a landing page for your business. My URLs also offers more flexibility than Linktree in how you can design and add content to the landing page, making it easy to create an attractive and functional page that captures the attention of visitors.

On your My URLs landing page, you can include an array of features such as promotional banners, product listings, subscriber forms, and a personalized URL shortener to help maximize the impact of your landing page. With My URLs, you have complete control over styling, content placement, fonts and colors all while keeping everything synced with SEO standards.

Additionally, thanks to its built-in support for Google Analytics tracking codes, you are able to see exactly how effective your landing page is at drawing visitors and retaining them long enough for them to take action.

Overview of Linktree

Linktree is a free platform to create a single link for social media, which can be used to link to multiple websites at once. It allows users to easily route followers through personal and professional links without the hassle of copy-pasting a bunch of URLs.

Linktree was founded in 2016 with the aim of helping creatives and influencers manage their links more efficiently, allowing them to direct visitors to their portfolio, live streams and any other links they wish to share. Linktree is designed for desktop computers, mobile devices, and tablets so that followers can access it from any device. It has become one of the most popular tools amongst digital marketing professionals with over 4 million registered users.

Linktree enables its users with an easy-to-use interface, allowing them customize the look and feel of their page with an array of features like call-to-action buttons, branded logos etc., turning it into an aesthetic portfolio for followers to browse through its contents. Even more than this design capabilities, Linktree provides analytics in order for you track visitors’ clicks so you can understand what works best according to your audience or where your leads are coming from as well as other useful insights from user behaviour on Linktree pages.

Overall, Linktree offers convenience and cost efficiency in addition to better accessibility for social media accounts since all your profile links are in one place which you can update whenever necessary without having to recompile everything again when adding or removing content from the profile page.

Comparison of My URLs and Linktree

Are you looking to compare My URLs and Linktree? Deciding which is the best tool for your needs can be difficult, as there are a range of differences between the two products. Understanding these differences is key to making an informed decision on which is the best fit for you.

My URLs is a link-shortening platform that allows users to create custom branded URLs (ex: It also offers advanced customization features letting users create their own themes and track data from their links.

Linktree, on the other hand, provides its users with interactive buttons under one URL which they can link out to multiple destinations – such as social media accounts, an online shop or blog posts – providing recipients with more direct navigation options than what’s typically available with conventional shortlinks. The ‘free’ version of Linktree includes limited features such as access to basic analytics, standard branding, and two editing modes (Light & Dark). The premium version offers additional features such as custom branding, click data and physical address tracking.

In conclusion, it all comes down to what type of product you are looking for and how deep your pockets are in regards to monetization options. Do you need a link-shortening platform with immediate or advanced customization abilities? Do you want access to more detailed analytics? Consider how each product fits into your unique marketing requirements before deciding which tool is best for you.

Pros and Cons of My URLs

My URLs is a web application that allows users to create custom, branded URLs to use on various social media platforms. The app enables users to share multiple links by creating one single point of reference, thus creating a consistent customer experience across all digital channels. Many organizations use My URLs as a way to simplify their customer journey and reduce customer confusion caused by having the same content scattered on too many locations.


  • User-friendly interface: My URLs has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for anyone to set up and manage their custom links.

  • Personalization: Branding is simple with My URLs allowing users to design their own images and customize the colors, sizes and layout of their branded links.

  • Analytics: Through My URLs platform users can collect data from which they can learn where people are clicking on their link, whats the average visit time and other valuable insights.


  • No sharing shortcuts: Users do not have the possibility for copy options or share shortcuts such as bitly or URL shorteners when using My URLs.

  • Directing traffic elsewhere unavailable: You do not have the same options when customizing a link that you would if you were directing traffic elsewhere i.e on your own website or pages vs directing them to external sites such as Instagramo etc..

Pros and Cons of Linktree

Linktree is a great tool that helps you direct your online audience to multiple webpages with one single link. It allows you to create a customizable landing page containing all your important links - e.g. website, blog, podcast, social media channels and more. With Linktree, users don't have to write out every single link for their audience and can instead use one simple URL associated with them or their brand which is easily shareable and trackable.

Linktree also has some key features that make it a powerful platform for managing branding and content:


  1. User friendly: Linktree is designed with user friendliness as its centerpiece - making it easy to set up; no coding or design experience necessary. You simply connect your services (e.g., Instagram or Twitter), generate links, edit any custom content, add links using the drag-and-drop builder and customize the look of your landing page in just a few clicks

  2. Accessibility: Linktree provides an extremely public face with which you can promote yourself more effectively. No more worrying about private information being scattered all over the internet on different platforms in different places; Linktree gives you control over managing who sees what and where it’s seen from one access point

  3. Versatility : Offers flexible hosting options; whatever type of media you are trying to host - images, videos, text - Linktree can accommodate it exactly how you want

  4. Effective promotion : Links created through Linktree come complete with SEO optimization so they rank higher both organically on Google or other search engines and prominently on major social media networks such as Twitter or Instagram

  5. Analytics : Tracks visitor count by source, so you can better understand your audience’s journey online


  1. Subscription fees : The cost of creating an account may be too high for some small businesses which are struggling financially due to the current economic climate

  2. Limited customization options: Many users find they’re locked into certain design templates without much room for creativity when it comes to customizing their site’s look

  3. Not secure enough: Despite its ability to create password-protected pages within the platform itself – details like usernames and passwords are still vulnerable when entered into web browsers


The best tool for you depends on your individual goals and what works best for the platform you are using. My Urls is great for adding multiple links, tracking clicks, and highlighting new content while Linktree is ideal if you want an easy, visual reference to direct followers to the correct link.

Ultimately, it’s up to you which tool works best for your needs. Both tools offer clear advantages that should be weighed before making a decision. Regardless of which tool you choose, make sure to keep your URLs as short and user-friendly as possible.


When it comes to determining the best tools for managing and promoting your online presence, it's important to consider both MyUrls and Linktree.

Both are great tools for quickly creating custom URLs, tracking link metrics, and ensuring that your links stay up-to-date.

  • MyUrls offers features specifically designed for monitoring and managing your URLs including the ability to create custom shortlinks, track analytics data in real time, add notes/tags to each link, as well as add clickable social media badges directly to your site. Additionally, users have the option of setting up custom domains with their MyUrl Pro account.

  • Linktree is a newer entry into the URL management space but has recently grown in popularity due its sleek design and one-click setup. It also offers detailed analytics as well as support both desktop and mobile devices. Linktree users only have access to preset designs but retain control over their data at all times since it does not require customers share their contact information with third-party sites.

At the end of the day the choice between MyUrls vs Linktree comes down to which platform better satisfies one's individual needs; however, both platforms offer plenty of value when properly implemented into any web strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What is the difference between MyUrls and Linktree?

A1: MyUrls is a secure link management system that enables users to create custom branded URLs with vanity domains that can link to any page on the internet, while Linktree is a link management tool that enables users to create a single page with multiple links.

Q2: What are the pros and cons of MyUrls and Linktree?

A2: The pros of MyUrls include the ability to create custom branded URLs with vanity domains, the ability to track clicks and detailed analytics, and the ability to build links that are secure and safe. The cons of MyUrls include the cost of creating custom URLs and needing to pay for a subscription. The pros of Linktree include the ability to create a single page with multiple links and the ability to customize the page. The cons of Linktree include the inability to create custom branded URLs, limited analytics, and the inability to track click-throughs.

Q3: What is the best tool for custom branded URLs?

A3: MyUrls is the best tool for creating custom branded URLs with vanity domains, as it offers more features and analytics than Linktree.

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