Shorby or Linktree: Which is the Best Biolink Tool for You?

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So you're looking for a bio-link to engage with your social followers but aren't sure which tool to use? Have no fear!

In this article we'll be comparing a few of the best bio-link tools: Shorby (or Shor) vs Linktree vs

By the end of this article, you'll know exactly which tool is best for you and which one to go with.

Overall Winner: 🏆 Is The Best Link in Bio Tool. Here's Why:
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Unlimited Biolink Blocks
  • QR Codes, Pixels, UTM Parameters
  • Spotify, Soundcloud and Many Other Integrations
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Trusted by Thousand of Users
  • 100% FREE Account with More Features than Linktree

Linktree vs Shorby vs

  • Unlimited biolink pages
  • Unlimited shortened URLs
  • Free plan is great for most creators
  • Better pricing than other platforms
  • Newer platform
  • Not as many integrations as others yet

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  • Proven track record since 2016
  • Tons of features and integrations
  • Easy to use analytics
  • No shortened URLs
  • Only one biolink page


  • Multiple pages allowed
  • Shortend URL creation
  • Decent analytics
  • Pricing
  • No free version
  • Lacking payment integrations

What makes a good Bio-Link tool?

A bio-link tool is an essential part of any social media strategy. You’ve seen them everywhere, it’s one link you leave in your social media bio that redirects all your followers to your respective links. It’s the best way to connect with your followers and share your content in a convenient way.

Linktree, Shorby, and are all capable bio-link tools, but what makes one better than another?

Linktree is the oldest company in this comparison and has been around since 2016 and started the bio-link movement. Shorby has been around since around 2018 and is certainly less known than Linktree but integrates some helpful tools like short-links. is the newest bio-link tool here and is geared toward helping creators, brands, and influencers promote their links through social media which actually includes both bio-link pages and short-links.

When you're picking the right bio-link tool for you, there are a few things to consider:

- Price: the tool should be affordable and give you the most bang for your buck.

- Features: the tool should have all the features you need. Platform integrations, payment integrations, number of pages included, analytics, etc.

- Ease of use: you should be able to set up and use the tool fast and with ease.

And that's the measurement we'll be using to compare these tools!

Pricing: Which Tool Gives You the Most for the Least 💸?

When it comes to pricing, both Linktree and leave Shorby in the dust. Both tools have a fully functional free version, whereas Shorby does not.

Shorby's cheapest plan is $15/month for creating up to 5 bio-link pages. This isn't the best deal if you're looking to just create bio-link pages, especially when Linktree and have free options that do the same.

Linktree does have a limited free option where you can make a solid but basic single bio-link page with limited integrations. If you want to have all the bells and whistles their paid plans range from $5/month – $24/month for their VIP plan with all their features. But even with the top paid plans you only get the single Linktree page, and have to have the pro plan at $9/month plan to remove the Linktree branding 😳's pricing ranges from Free – $12/month. With the free plan you can create 5 bio-link pages with unlimited links and still get the integrations you need like Facebook Pixels, Google Analytics, Spotify, Youtube, and tons of other platforms. With any of the paid plans unlimited pages and you unlock a bunch of other great features.

Best Price:

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Features: Which bio-link platform offers the best features?

A huge part of choosing a bio-link platform is finding one with all the features you need. But here's the thing, bio-link platforms all have pretty similar features, give or take a few.

Linktree, Shorby, and all have a decent amount of integrations, allow you to add links to your bio-link pages, and have analytics. They all integrate with Facebook Ad retargeting and Google Analytics.

Linktree technically has the most "features" but comes at a higher cost. The free version is great, but you don't get a lot of the features until you get into the paid plans. That being said, they've been around longer and have built in a few more bells and whistles. They have some features for more advanced users like integration with Google Sheets and templates to get you started.

Where Shorby falls short in the feature department is accepting payments from popular sites like Paypal. And when you're looking to monetize your audience, that's a necessary piece that shouldn't be forgotten.

But what Shorby and Mainpage have that Linktree doesn't is the ability to create shortened URLs. Shortened URLs really come in handy when you're wanting to A/B test, make your bio-link page customized to countries/languages, or when you're running an ad campaign.

But here's the catch – to get the best features you can easily find yourself paying $30/month at both Linktree and Shorby, while at you can get unlimited bio-links, shortend URLs, QR codes, and built-in analytics at a much cheaper price. Still, for the sheer number of features and integrations, Linktree takes the lead here.

Overall Best Features and Integrations: Linktree

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Ease of Use: Which bio-link platform is the easiest to use?

Linktree has been around longer and it definitely shows in their user interface. It's easy to navigate and find what you're looking for. Shorby's interface is a little less intuitive but relatively still easy to use. might be the newest platform on the block but the interface is clean, sleek, and is also easy to find what you need without feeling overwhelmed.

When it comes down to ease of use, all three platforms are pretty similar but we have to give the edge to because of how new and fresh everything feels.

Best Ease of Use:

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The Verdict 🏆

Overall winner:

So which biolink platform should you choose? If you ask us, is the best choice for most creators who want to connect with their audience. The combination of payment platform integrations, shortened URLs, unlimited biolink pages, and a solid free plan really makes stand out from the crowd here. 

Linktree is great if you only want one biolink page and are okay with a limited set of features until you upgrade to the higher paid plans.

But ultimately, each of these biolink platforms has a free trial so we recommend trying each one out for yourself to see which best fits your needs! Is The Best Link in Bio Tool. Here's Why:
9.7/10 Our Score
  • Unlimited Biolink Blocks
  • QR Codes, Pixels, UTM Parameters
  • Spotify, Soundcloud and Many Other Integrations
  • In-depth Analytics
  • Trusted by Thousand of Users
  • 100% FREE Account with More Features than Linktree
Updated on 9 January, 2023