Bitly vs Linktree: Which One is Best

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Wonder what the best bio link tool is? Today we'll compare the hottest three tools that all creators have been buzzing about. Bitly vs Linktree vs Mainpage, which one will get the title of the best link management platform? Let's find out!

Bitly vs Linktree vs - Which One to Use for Your Bio Page

Many Instagram users want to add an Instagram bio link with a custom URL that contains all of their essentials in one place. Having one single link instead of numerous social media links will make your bio look neat, which is pretty important if you're an influencer or a brand owner. Let's compare some of the best tools and see which one you should pick.

Mainpage is the favorite option for many who want to give their Instagram profile a makeover and clean up their bio section. Regardless of which social media platform you're using, will give you a shortened URL that can contain unlimited links - and it doesn't get better than that.


  • Settings for SEO,
  • Custom QR code,
  • Customization. 


  • The free version has its limitations.


  • Free
  • Pro - $5 per month, 
  • Premium - $12 per month

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Mainpage Is Best for?

Pretty much everyone. Whether you're an influencer who doesn't want to have a long URL ruining their bio, or you're a small business owner who needs a custom domain, a branded link, and multiple links in one place for better brand control, Mainpage is the tool you're looking for.


URL shortener and bio link creator Bitly is another great tool for everyone looking to pack everything in a custom and short link. With Bitly's analytics, you can track the performance of your links from the past 30 days up to 2 years and adjust your marketing campaign accordingly.


  • Pre-designed themes,
  • Link history,
  • Customization.


  • Can't edit created links,
  • Not compatible with every social media platform.


  • Free,
  • Starter - $8 monthly,
  • Basic - $29 monthly,
  • Premium - $199 monthly,
  • Enterprise - custom.

Bitly Is Best for?

If you need a shortened link for your Instagram posts or any social profile, Bitly could be the right thing for you. However, if you're not an influencer or a business owner, Bitly can be a bit pricey for what it offers.

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Linktree link tool is one of the well-known tools with a good reputation. Every person who has a social media profile has at least heard of Linktree or clicked on one of their shortened links. So what makes Linktree so special?


  • Analytics,
  • Custom link.


  • The issue with Instagram marking Linktree links as spam,
  • Limited features.


  • Free,
  • Starter - €4 monthly,
  • Pro - €8 monthly,
  • Premium €22 monthly.

Linktree Is Best for?

Linktree was the pioneer in this field, but since the phase during which many of their links were marked as spam by Instagram, many have been searching for a suitable Linktree alternative. Although the problem is solved, many Instagram users don't want to risk it. Linktree can, of course, be used for a website or a different social media platform as well.

Which Tool Should You Use for Your Next Link in Bio?

Whether you need a short link for a social media post, Instagram story, or landing page, Mainpage is the tool we highly recommend. It is affordable, powerful, and easy to use, but if there are some hiccups, their excellent customer service will give you a helping hand.

Updated on 15 September, 2022