Linktree vs Allmylinks: Which Link in Bio Tool Is Better

Published on 19 May, 2022 | Link in Bio Tools - Reviews and Comparisons | 173 views | 6 minutes read

A link in bio tool or biolink tool is an important asset for any business or individual with a social media presence. If you're looking to engage with your followers on a deeper level, or want to make it easy for them to find your products or services, a link in bio or biolink tool is a must-have.

And there are a lot of different link in bio tools out there, but how do you know which one is the best for you? In this blog post, we will be comparing Allmylinks, Linktree, and We will be looking at price, features, and ease of use to see which one comes out on top.

Spoiler alert: is the overall best 😉

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Quick Rundown on Linktree, Allmylinks, and

Linktree was founded in 2016 and started the link in bio movement. They're definitely the oldest here, but oldest doesn't always mean better!

Allmylinks started in around 2018 and has since become a decent option in the link in bio space. is the newest bio-link tool here and is geared toward helping creators, brands, and influencers promote their links through social media which actually includes both bio-link pages and short-links.

But now that we know a little bit more about each company, let's dive in and compare them!

What Makes a Good Link-In-Bio Tool?

When it comes to choosing your link-in-bio tool there are really 3 aspects to look at:

- Price

- Features

- Ease of Use

If you find a tool that hits all three of those, then you've found a winner! But let's take a closer look at each aspect to see what makes a good link in bio tool.

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Price: Which tool gets you the best pricing?

So to kick things off, you should know that all of these tools have a free option. But you should also know that often comes with the trade off of more or less features. In other words usually, if you pay more you get more.

Linktree has a great free version but it is limited in features. But if you pay more, you get more. Their paid plans range from $5-$24/month and are by far the most expensive on this list. They do have a solid set of features IF you're willing to pay.

Allmylinks is free with no paid plans yet. Currently, their platform is completely free, but usually, with free tools, this can come at the cost of some features as well as a lack of support. is in the middle of the road here! With plans ranging from free–$12/month. This comes with excellent support and a feature set that is constantly being updated and improved. The free plan is perfect for most creators with a larger feature set than most other free tools.

Overall Winner for Price 🏆: Allmylinks, but with less features.

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Features: Which platform has the best feature set?

When it comes to choosing a platform, biggest factors is often what features they have. Oftentimes, it's not about the number of features but the quality of those features and which ones you need.

And as usual with link in bio tools, you'll find that some platforms are "free" but they strip down their feature set and upsell you to get the features you need.

Linktree has the longest list of features here. They've been around the longest and have had the time to really develop their feature set. However, you'll find yourself paying for them if you want more advanced features then you'll have to pay for them. Also something to be noted is that Linktree has only one link in bio page per account, which can be limiting for some users.

Allmylinks probably has the least amount of features here, but they do have a solid list of basics! You can link your most popular apps like Instagram and Tiktok, but they lack support for some bigger names like Spotify and Apple Music that both Linktree and support. It's a totally free platform and in the feature set it does show.

Although is newest here, it still maintains a competitive advantage in terms of features. The free plan allows you to add an infinite number of links/blocks to your biolink page as well as create up to 5 additional pages - plenty for most social media creators.

Something also has that the others don't have is Shortened URLs. Shortened URLs really come in handy when you're wanting to A/B test, make your bio-link page customized to countries/languages, or when you're running an ad campaign. There's also an awesome range of integrations and sophisticated capabilities at significantly lower pricing than the competition.

All of these platforms also have some decent payout options to receive payments from your followers– but they vary in their fee structure. With Linktree you pay 10% and then it goes down as you upgrade your plan. Allmylinks has a flat 10% as well, allowing you to earn a 90% payout on sales. But with, it integrates with Paypal which is the easiest and best option in our opinion with the least amount of fees.

Overall Winner for Best Feature Set 🏆: Linktree (you might just pay more for it)

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Ease of Use: Which platform is easiest to use Linktree, Allmylinks, or

Finally, we come to ease of use! All three platforms are pretty straightforward and easy to get started with. But Allmylinks probably has the least amount of features which might make it easier to use for some and limiting for others.

Linktree has a lot of features, which can be both good and bad. It's good because you have a lot of options and bad because it can be overwhelming/limiting with the pricing structure. is probably the most user-friendly platform here. It's features are well organized and easy to find. The interface is also very intuitive and easy to use. You can get a page up and running in minutes. They also have excellent customer support if you need any help!

Overall Winner for Ease of Use 🏆:










Our conclusion: Which link in bio tool is better? Linktree vs AllMyLinks vs

All three of these link in bio tools are great for different reasons. Allmylinks is the cheapest and has a good basic feature set, Linktree has more features but you'll pay more to get them all, and has a solid feature set while being user-friendly with the best pricing.

But the features really set these tools apart, and Linktree and leave AllMyLinks in the dust. But you ultimately get more at for less (or free) which makes it the best in the list for most social media creators.

Overall Winner 🏆:

But ultimately, these tools are all free to try so go and try them for yourself and decide which tool is best for you!

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Last updated on: 8 June, 2022