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Published on 16 May, 2022 | Link in Bio Tools - Reviews and Comparisons | 209 views | 5 minutes read

As a social media expert, you know the importance of having an up-to-date and professional bio on your social media accounts. But with so many different link in bio apps available, which one should you choose?

In this blog post, we'll compare the three most popular link in bio tools -, Linktree, and - to help you decide which one is right for you.

Overall 🏆

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Here's a quick rundown of each option is a great bio tool and an excellent linktree alternative. With, you can direct active users from your Instagram bio link to your bio landing page, where you can add unlimited links to your website, social media accounts, and more. Plus, offers some basic analytics to see how many people are clicking on your bio link.

The design part of the tool is easy to use. You can figure it out even if you have never used it before. Once you sync your profiles, you can choose which content to show and how to show it. Then you can switch their positions until you find a perfect formula.

If you're looking for a bio platform that allows you to easily share different content from your Instagram account, is a great option.

However, does not allow you to track social links with analytics like Facebook pixel or google analytics. And you can't sell directly from your bio page as possible in other tools. has a free plan for individuals with limited features. The Semi-PRO plan starts at $5 per month and lets you add more blocks to your landing page, customize the design and URL and remove branding.



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Linktree is a great tool for professionals who want to grow their Instagram followers or monetize their social media accounts. With, you can quickly and easily create a mini-website. And from there, you can have multiple links to any other social media account or website. Plus, you'll get insights into what your followers are engaging with, so you can use those insights to grow your following and your business.

Linktree does not support shortened URLs, and you can only set up one bio link page.

You also have to pay for the pro version of Linktree if you want some additional features. The pro version includes the ability to remove the Linktree branding, other stats, and some extra customization.

The free version of the Linktree app allows you to upload a logo and choose from nine basic color schemes. While the pro version allows you to choose from additional color schemes and fonts, customization is still relatively simple.

Linktree allows you to create a page with different link buttons. And you can customize them with different colors, labels, themes, and backgrounds. However, in the free version, you don't have many options. To fully color customize your page, you need a paid version.

Also, you can't remove their branding in the free version.

Linktree could be a good option for you if you are looking for an easy way to display your best Instagram pages. also has a free plan that does not allow you to remove branding and has limited features. The Starter, Pro, and Premium plan goes from $5 to $24 a month.



link in bio social media is a newer bio link tool and an excellent linktree alternative and other well-known tools we described before. You can have an unlimited number of projects and pages, and you can integrate unlimited Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, and many others. is the perfect tool for Instagram users who wants to have a professional bio on their social media account. Additionally, is integrated with Spotify, Youtube, Tidal, Apple Music, and many other platforms, making it an excellent tool for creating a professional bio on their social media accounts.

It is essential to use analytics and tracking to determine what marketing and sales strategies are working and which ones aren't. The advanced features for marketers, like Facebook pixel integration and many others, as well as the custom domain, will help you use your energy, time, and money as effectively as possible.

You can start with a completely free account and already enjoy an unlimited number of projects and pages and have most of the advanced features at hand. has a free plan without branding and several features. The Pro-Plan costs $5 and has all features you need, even more than other tools offer for much more. A premium Plan is also available for professionals for $12.



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So What's The Best Choice Between Linktree and

When choosing the right bio page for your social media account, consider many factors. All three platforms offer unique features to help you create a professional bio page for your account.

But let's sum it up. Here are some of the essential features and availabilities in all three apps.

Winner 🏆 is the clear winner and the best linktree alternative. It has the most features for the lowest price. And it is the only bio app with advanced tracking and analytic options. is an excellent option for those looking for a simple and easy-to-use bio tool for their social media profile. If you want more customization options, is worth considering.

But if you are looking for a tool with more features, great tracking options, and saving money at the same time, is the best option.

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